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How Coaching Works

Coaching sessions offer a safe, confidential environment, either in person or over the phone, enabling school leaders to gain the support needed to develop new perspectives, explore new behavioral practices, and strengthen new skills. Coaching sessions are structured to encourage an honest exploration of successes and failures in a way that is non-threatening, rigorous and  tailored to leaders’ needs.

Coaching challenges school leaders to move from effectiveness to greatness through the use of personalized action plans and holds leaders accountable for taking specific action. In each coaching session, the coach supports the school leader in finding his or her own answers rather than prescribing solutions or ”fixing” the leader. The leader chooses the topic, setting the agenda and the coach listens, asks powerful questions, makes comments, and provides tools and frameworks to help the leader gain clarity and move forward. Leadership coaching provides rigorous follow up and tracking of leaders’ overall progress toward stated goals.

“Valerie has an incredible openness, flexibility, great insight, strong capacity to listen and respond, commitment to moving the process forward, and a goal-orientation but willing to adapt the process to shifting circumstances.”

– Antonia Rudentstine, Ed.D, Director reDesign